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“...helped me develop and overcome my unspoken fears as a newcomer to Canada…” Smitha, Analyst

"It is my privilege to be part of the MaP Forward program through my organization. The focus is on coaching millennials like me. I would recommend this program for everyone out there!

Based on my experience, here are my practical reasons – Sheeba, the Founder and Executive Director, took the time to get to know me and listen to my goals and aspirations for my career and personal-life. Sheeba helped me develop and overcome my unspoken fears as a newcomer to Canada. She uplifted my confidence and guided me to be assertive in every interaction I face at work or with friends and family. This program has helped me realize my strengths and feel confident and empowered with who I am and the incredible ranks I can achieve professionally and personally!

Not to forget, the tool used by MaPForward to create my profile summary was incredible! I was thrilled to see my personality traits when compared to my current job role. It’s an eye opener if you are struggling to know what career line suits you. It’s better to have professional satisfaction that brings out the best in you and also works with your personality!"

"Raw objectivity…roadmap for a more abundant life" Andrew Bennett, CPA, CMA | Transformation Office TRANSALTA CORPORATION

"The MaP Forward method has a raw objectivity that cuts through the superficiality that many of us allow ourselves to live with. It is a roadmap for a more abundant life."

"enabled me to take back control of my personal and professional success” Alexandra Sewell - Analyst, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

"When I started working with Sheeba she said she was going to pull me and push me, and she stayed true to her word. The MaP Forward program has helped me identify the inner strengths I was dismissing, and enabled me to take back control of my personal and professional success. Thanks to her and MaP Forward, at a critical stage in my career I now have a renewed sense of confidence and I know what I bring to the table."

"Blind to my own full potential" Marcus L, CFA, NBC UNIVERSAL, LA, California

"Like a lot of millennials I found myself in a situation professionally that just didn’t align with who i was. There are lots of reasons why this happens but i didn’t know what to do. I was blind to my own full potential. As a result of the 6 month weekly group coaching program MaP Forward offers for millennials like me I am ready to seize the opportunities in front of me; to make the world around me better instead of simply living in it.

MaP Forward and its Founder Sheeba Varghese helped me to position myself for rewarding success at this pivotal time of my life. I would have wasted years of my life if this opportunity hadn’t happened. The program uses psychometric technology to analyze its’ participants. Sheeba’s unique approach, personality and expertise as a high performance Coach empowered me with a solid sense of myself. It enabled me to see that i was not limited by the confines of my environment; I just had some obstacles to get by in order to realize the different and amazing things possible.

Sheeba is brilliant, funny, charismatic, and thoughtful. She gave me hope that...hey...I got a shot at making a name for myself if I got her on my side. She was extremely patient and great at making me feel like she cared, even if I often took it for granted. I am extremely thankful for this program!.

I feel unstoppable!"

"Provide me with the tools to advance personally and professionally" David Hamilton, CFA | Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance/Treasury TRANSALTA CORPORATION

"After only a month of working closely with Sheeba in the MaP Forward program, I am well on my way down an important path to self-discovery. The interactive sessions have pushed me to deeply self-reflect on what may be holding me back as I pursue my goals and potential. With a passionate and powerful coach in my corner, I look forward to building on these insights over the next 5 months. I am confident that the MaP Forward program will provide me tools that I can call upon to advance both personally and professionally."

"...doesn’t feel like some sort of corporate propaganda…"

"MaP Forward is a personality development program that focuses on self-awareness and empowerment – not only of who you could be, but who you want to be. My company is offering this program to its millennials as a form of professional development. This program is very different than any other type of development I have been involved in because it really focuses on the individual’s wants and desires. It doesn’t feel like some sort of corporate propaganda where you are being shaped into the person the corporation wants you to be. Instead, this program really makes you question and understand “why” you take the actions you do. Without understanding “why”, you cannot understand who you currently are nor who you may want to become. By understanding who you are and what your strengths are, you can leverage this knowledge to become better at work, at home, in life.

I would strongly encourage other companies to offer this program to their employees to improve employee performance and satisfaction.

Signed by the participant who is determined to realize his potential and lives in Calgary and works for a multinational."

"The program will change the way you live your life forever." Signed, Rob

“Realizing who you really are. Trusting yourself. Making conscience positive choices. These are just a few of the key take aways I have from the MaP Forward program. After trying other avenues prior to this (books, seminars, etc.), MaP Forward pushes me to discover my true drivers: what I find motivating, how to use my natural talents to engage and explore these motivators. Sheeba, the Founder has guided me into a new world that was recently undiscovered in my professional and personal life! I would encourage anyone who is willing to challenge themselves, anyone who wants to realize their full potential and explore what their “more” is, to enroll. The program will change the way you live your life forever.”

" …developing a vision, setting an action plan…helping me recognize my potential and confidence” Jennifer

“For the past 3 months i have been participating in a coaching program called MaP Forward. The program is geared towards millennials. Without a doubt I would recommend this program to other young professionals. MaP Forward via Sheeba has assisted me in developing a vision, setting an action plan and helped me recognize my potential and confidence. This is something I think everyone needs assistance with now and then, especially the millennial generation! “

"...a more forceful and direct approach to being real, who I want to be." Jeff, Corporate Development

“A quick message to say thank you. For someone like me it's very beneficial to have a resource like this: something that encourages and models a more forceful and direct approach to being real, who I want to be. It really helps me to think about what I value and what I enjoy. I am excited."

Sheeba’s passion and energy is inspiring David Turnbull Financial Analyst, Exploration IAMGOLD Corporation

MaP Forward has been a rewarding experience, and it has been an honor to grow with the program as it has blossomed. Sheeba’s passion and energy is inspiring, and I’m always grateful for her insight into opportunities for effective professional growth. (another great thing about this program is the added bonus it offers for CPA’s like me. These personal development for professional success weekly group coaching sessions actually also count towards unverified professional development - a massive added perk!) It’s really a win:win because it helps ensure that this nonprofit continues to grow!

"My natural orientation is to play it safe, and not rock the boat…” Brittney Rodgers

"I had no idea what I was signing up for really, I just knew that I was ready for ‘more’ in my life. My natural orientation is to play it safe, and not rock the boat.  MaP Forward and Sheeba have not tried to change me or my natural style, but the MaP Forward process invites me to continually keep reframing how I view risk in order to realize more satisfying results and see myself as the strong and creative person that I am."

"This opportunity to focus on myself and personal development has been great! BUSINESS ANALYST - A.J
  • I am way more engaged in my job!
  • I feel more empowered.
  • I look for opportunities to make a difference and I more actively contribute!
  • I can honestly say that I am more productive."
“...gave me the opportunity to reaffirm the strengths, blind spots and values that I just wasn’t being mindful enough of….” T. A, Analyst

"The idea of personal development seemed useful enough; most of us feel like we know ourselves but don’t always know how realistic we are in our own self-assessment (our strengths and weaknesses). MaP Forward and the personality assessment it uses gave me the opportunity to reaffirm the strengths, blind spots and values that I just wasn’t being mindful enough of in my job. This was probably why I was feeling so disengaged. However, now I feel more empowered and recognize how I can get more out of my job."

“...I don’t need to find a new job in order to be who I want to be…” Operations

"Hadn’t communicated it to anyone I work with, and I doubt anybody would have guessed it, but I was planning on quitting my job. My CV has been circulated and I even interviewed for a job or two. However, since I started working with MaP Forward and talking with Sheeba, I am starting to realize that I don’t need to find a new job in order to be who I want to be, or to feel more satisfaction in a job. In order to know what is really possible to achieve, I need to incorporate the best of me and keep developing my potential."

"I went from enjoying my job only at a level 2/10 to now experiencing the same job as a 7/10!" P. B, DEVELOPER

"When my company decided to offer MaP Forward (personal development for professional success) to some of us millennials, I was excited and almost relieved. I have to admit that I really wasn’t enjoying my job—it just payed the bills. I can tell you that if I hadn’t begun working with Sheeba, my attitude towards my job would never have changed so dramatically. I went from enjoying it only at a level 2/10 to now experiencing the same job as a 7/10!"

"stuck in a job that feels limiting…" "Joe"

"For me, the biggest value in the MaP Forward program is the fact that I have a platform, an outlet upon which I can just talk about the frustrations facing a millennial who wants to be his best, but who is stuck in a job that feels limiting. I’ve noticed that once I have felt heard and allowed myself to think aloud, I’m immediately more productive and focus on developing strategies to keep improving my situation."

"I want to focus on what’s important to me and what brings me meaning.” Analyst, T.D.

"MaP Forward and Sheeba have given me the opportunity to consider my own goals and objectives for my life. I want to focus on what’s important to me and what brings me meaning. Sheeba is keeping me focused on developing my potential and holding me accountable. Who knew how much personal development would enable me to develop a compelling and satisfying vision!"

“...pushes, invites and challenges us to play a bigger, more intentional role in our own lives.” Manager, Accounting Policy and Special Projects

"Sheeba, the lead coach for this program, is persistent and committed to the participants! We complete personality profiles that highlight our strengths, values and blind spots objectively in order to empower us with our own potential. The program then uses the profiles to coach and encourage the participants. Sheeba in particular pushes, invites and challenges us to play a bigger, more intentional role in our own lives. In my case, she encourages me to leverage the best within me, raise my awareness, ask more questions, and make more intentional choices. I’ve not yet completed the program, but I feel like these are the pieces that lead us to realizing more of our potential.

If you are ready for more personal mastery in your own life, check this out!"