Meet Alicia.

Alicia has big objectives for her life, and for the world.

Alicia said she was in a job that “didn’t give her the opportunities she wanted”…

Ideally, she wants a job where her contributions and effort, are appreciated.

Alicia wants to be challenged mentally.

She wants to feel like she is growing personally.

She wants to expand her skill-base, and make the world a better place.

Alicia’s challenge was that she didn’t know how to realize her objectives, she wasn’t, yet, self-aware; meaning, she didn’t know or understand her potential, or how her personality dictated and influenced all of her results.

Unfortunately, due to her lack of self-awareness, Alicia didn’t know or understand her personal success triggers enough to be strategic with them. Inevitably, this lack of awareness, negatively influenced her potential and success.

To make matters even more challenging, Alicia felt like her boss was holding her down, not giving her the professional attention she needed, and denying her opportunities she sensed she could crush.

In the absence of encouraging validation about her effectiveness, Alicia’s confidence weaned, and her self-doubt grew. She longed for a realistic sense of her potential, because apart from her degree, Alicia didn’t know ‘what’ she had to leverage.

All she really knew was that she wanted to be more successful in life.

She saw only two options available to her: ‘suck it up’ where she was and hope things got better, or, find a new job.

Neither option, truly energized her.

Alicia wanted to feel inspired. She wanted personal transformation.

She knew that if she didn’t do ‘something’ to have the life she wanted, it was unlikely things would ever be different or better!

Alicia decided to take definitive action.

She became Thoughtfully Sophisticated:

With the aid of a psychometric profile of her personality, she increased her self-awareness!

Introducing the MaP Forward University;
A government registered, Not-for-Profit.


MaP Forward Inc., is committed to educating, empowering and encouraging women to increase, and then apply, their thoughtful sophistication for more personal satisfaction and success!

Self-Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success.

Our proven unique value proposition (UVP) uses exclusive, objective, scientifically valid and reliable artificial intelligence to inform self-awareness, aka, thoughtful sophistication.

The psychometric report informs the whole formula.

The weekly sessions take a strengths-based approach with focus on identifying and understanding natural success triggers.

Empowered by the thoughtful sophistication in the reports, we help you develop a strategy for your transformation.

This AI technology is used by corporations all over the world to profile the personalities of their employees, at all levels.

I’ve been using it with clients for almost two decades!

Our 4-week content rich, step-by-step, course is designed to unleash your inner goddess in a community of like-minded peers

  • Be encouraged and identify a transformation goal
  • Learn how to leverage and focus personality strengths.
  • Identify your personally unique success triggers
  • Develop your transformation strategy
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

Self-understanding enables you to:

  • know your strengths
  • move towards success
  • be a better leader
  • have increased motivation for your life
  • be a better version of yourself
  • beself-aware
  • acknowledge your blind spots
  • see new options/possibilities for your life
  • feel stronger about the choices you make, stop second guessing
  • be more decisive
  • feel more confident
  • take more calculated risks
  • increase your personal confidence
  • love who you are
  • know who you are not
  • be more patient, kinder, compassionate to yourself
  • better understand how others see you
  • understand others better
  • work and play better with others
  • be encouraged
  • find hope and perspective
  • move forward and develop a vision for your life

Self-awareness empowers you to be in control of your own life, willing and able to:

  • confidently advance your career,
  • realize deeper personal satisfaction,
  • improve the quality of your relationships,
  • stop being reactive,
  • play a bigger game in the whole of your life and ultimately,
  • Claim your Throne.
  • Reframe your opportunity and strategy using a strengths-based approach
  • This technology is proven strategic, insightful and used by corporations all over the world to profile the personalities of their employees.

Agenda for 4-week online course,
Self-Awareness for ‘Success’

Module 1: POWER PLAY

This week is about the anatomy of success and its relationship with self-awareness.

  • 1a: The journey begins
  • 1b: Unleash your Inner Queen
  • 1c: Science behind your profile
  • 1d. Introducing personal values
  • 1e. Live, interactive webinar

We are each creative, resourceful and whole.

Increased self-awareness and self-understanding enable better, sustainable, results.

Lack of self-awareness tends to sabotage even our best efforts and keeps us stuck.

There is an intelligence to your individual design. The more you understand the person you were born to be, the more success, control and joy you have.


This week focuses on your psychometric scientific personality profile

  • 2a: Strengths based strategy
  • 2b: Personality
  • 2c: Your profile
  • 2d: Be on purpose
  • 2e. Live, interactive webinar

This module focuses on your personal psychometric report. The reports are made up of graphs and psychometrically established data. In the course, we focus on the graphs. You learn how to identify your two strongest personality traits and why awareness of your traits matters, strategically.

You learn about intentionality in your actions, choices and decision making process.


This week is about the intentional application of your success triggers/personality/values, relative to goal setting.

  • 3a: Values In Action
  • 3b: It’s a process & journey
  • 3c: Name it & Claim it
  • 3d: Eyes wide open
  • 3e. Live, interactive webinar

This module explores values. How success, and lack thereof, are directly related to the presence or absence of your most defining values. Values are everything, they are your ultimate path to your Throne as the Queen you are.

Values usually are an extension of our personality traits, but not always.



This week is about developing your individual action steps, and building risk tolerance

  • 4a: Transformation time
  • 4b: Build upon your talents
  • 4c: Goals
  • 4d: ‘More’
  • 4e: Live, interactive webinar

This module is about transformation = Results

Where will you commit to applying your new knowledge for personal transformation? The same formula, intel, and approach is applicable for any result you commit to realizing.


  • For a limited time, ‘Buy one, get one free’. Offer this self-awareness opportunity to another woman in your life, at no additional charge.
  • Receive downloadable exercises
  • Receive a 1:1 coaching video chat with Sheeba
  • One group coaching call, available
  • Join our Facebook community
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Free download of Sheeba’s first book, available in bookstores across North America

(This course is applicable as professional development hours, for those with an annual requirement)

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Hi, I’m Coach Sheeba, Your Success Catalyst.

For almost 2 decades, I have been an accomplished Executive Life Coach, with a focus on high performance. My clientele has generally been CEO's and Senior Executives globally. More recently, after my own career devasting #metoo story, I founded a non-profit, MaP Forward Inc. to empower women with the same proven process focused on self-awareness, that I used with Canada's most powerful CEO, at that time.

I am a ‘Success Catalyst’ who uses AI technology; a scientifically validated proprietary psychometric, to ensure my process is objective and results focused.

My flagship client, CEO Steve Williams of the multi-national, Suncor Energy, has publicly acknowledged: "My coach [Sheeba] is the reason why I am doing what I’m doing now." He was voted CEO of the year in Canada, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

My proven achievement formula is the focus of my first book, “Sheeba’s Secret”, available in bookstores across NA – My second book, “Without Compromise”, a career guide for women in this #metoo era, will be released globally this year.

I have a single-minded focus on high performance and success, through greater self-awareness. My internet–based TV show “More Focus” explores the question: is it self-awareness that breeds success, or is it success that breeds self-awareness?

I have served as a member of the Prime Minister of Canada’s Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs, and been a delegate on two government sponsored Trade Summits. I have been featured and profiled on the cover of Biz Magazine as well as in regional and national media and am an international keynote speaker. Having been a Rotary Exchange Student, I am bilingual in Canada’s two official languages.

Specialties: Certified and Trained by ICF institutions, nominated as one of the Top 40 Under 40 in Canada, 2008, for my business success, results and vision.

My journey to ‘here’ has never been, nor is it yet, linear.

Like you, perhaps, I have had to forge my own path. It was especially demotivating and frustrating having to guess and bluff my way through life till the age of 35!

All I had going for me was my hope, faith and informed self-awareness.

I longed for ‘know-how’, but didn’t know ‘how-to’ find it!

I got a University degree but had no vision. I quit most of my jobs, got let go, or contracts expired. I was with my husband for 13 years, had two kids, and eventually divorced him. Clearly, I had no idea of ‘how’ to choose, or ‘what’ to choose. The subject of self-actualization began to consume me. I decided to throw myself deep into understanding high performance and self-awareness. I have a professional designation as an ACC; am a student of both the Co-Active Coaching program, and the Adler School of Professional Coaching. No doubt, had I access to a proven and reliable map forward, I would have caused less hurt and my choices would have been more aligned with my personality, and thereby more strategic, results focused and fulfilling.

So now, after having my career derailed by a powerful man in a powerful company, I am offering MaP Forward to women who want to take charge of their own success.

We are a not-for-profit, offering every woman who wants it, an exclusive, highly successful map forward, and process for thoughtful sophistication, increased self-awareness!



How does the psychometric report help?

The report identifies the strength of each of the 7 personality traits that make up who we are, and who we are not. It helps visually, via graphs, understand what aspects of your personality to be leveraging more intentionally, in order to realize better results.

The traits are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Sociability
  • Pace
  • Detail Orientation
  • Behavioural Adaptability
  • Emotiveness
  • Originality of Thinking

Let’s take the personality trait of ‘Sociability' as an example. Talkativeness is a behaviour. Sociable people like to talk.

Sometimes someone may be quite talkative when they are discussing an area of expertise or interest but when it comes to just carrying on a conversation, they are not really interested in just talking. When we understand how personalities are hardwired, we better manage them, and set ourselves up to win. A naturally Sociable person is naturally talkative, will contribute openly, offer feedback and be more participative. Someone who is subject matter expert is only talkative when discussing the subject they enjoy.

This type of analysis measures your natural orientation objectively and enables you to seek the people, places and things that will help you succeed, as you stop trying to be someone you are not!

How does the plan work?
You complete an online survey applying a proven, validated scientific approach to personal development that provides concrete measurable results. It’s called psychometric analysis, basically an x-ray into your being. You receive a visual, scientifically validated set of graphs depicting who you were designed to be, your map to success.
How does this help me?
The program helps anyone who intuitively knows that personal understanding is key to being their best. The whole process is about YOU and for you. You deserve to have what you have the courage to really want, sooner rather than later. Our program objectively identifies your strengths, blind spots and values. With this kind of education you are empowered and able to make confident choices to find the work, partners and life that enables you to feel more fulfilled, satisfied and have the greatest impact in this world.
What’s wrong with just winging it?
Depends on what your objectives are. If you value efficiency like I do, you know that with more ‘know how’ you do things better in the most expedient way for the best results. We can just figure it out as we go, but it is a riskier strategy that doesn’t promote confidence. Without confidence, how dare we put together a results-focused strategy? How long would it take you to figure it out? What if you never do? What if your natural motivators never really get engaged because you aren’t honest with yourself about what you really want? What if the ‘winging it’ approach never allows you to feel inspired by your own life? If you want to be your best and produce your best results, then your natural motivators and strengths must be engaged to the maximum. Sometimes when we are not clear of our needs, we may engage the traits others like the most about us; however they may not be our natural motivators or strengths. Just because we are good at something, doesn’t mean we are passionate about it or that it gives us true satisfaction.
What does the program help to identify?
We help you identify the two personality traits that, if you focus on, in conjunction with your personal values, enable you to achieve your best results!
What do I get as a member?
As a member of our community you receive your own AI report of your personality.
  • ‘Know how’ to leverage this information strategically for high performance
  • Exclusive access to weekly interactive webinar with Sheeba
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group for idea sharing and networking
  • An electronic copy of “Sheeba’s Secret – A Formula for Greater Success Through Greater – Self Awareness”
What does it cost?
  • The not-for-profit fee is $995.00/participant, for `20 hrs. My ‘for-profit’ 9-month contracts with Executive Coaching Clients was $40,000.00.
What is your refund policy?

Psychometric Profile

$495.00/piece, max 2 per individual,– receive a scientifically valid and reliable personality profile. (Most useful for dating compatibility assessing, and establishing complimentary entrepreneurial partnerships)

Purchase Your Personality Profile

Self-Awareness for Success

$995.00, 4-week online course: `20 hours of intense video course learning, with a weekly live webinar: (*audio *handouts *exercises *psychometric profile)

**. If you choose this option, you are invited to make it also available to a friend, or relative in a ‘buy one, get one free’.

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Social Proof

"It is my privilege to be part of the MaP Forward program through my organization. The focus is on coaching millennials like me. I would recommend this program for everyone out there! read more...



"The MaP Forward method has a raw objectivity that cuts through the superficiality that many of us allow ourselves to live with. It is a roadmap for a more abundant life."


Andrew Bennett,

When I started working with Sheeba she said she was going to pull me and push me, and she stayed true to her word. The MaP Forward program has helped me identify the inner strengths I was dismissing, read more...

Alexandra Sewell

Analyst, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
"Like a lot of millennials I found myself in a situation professionally that just didn’t align with who i was. There are lots of reasons why this happens but i didn’t know what to do. read more...

Marcus L,

"After only a month of working closely with Sheeba in the MaP Forward program, I am well on my way down an important path to self-discovery. read more...

David Hamilton,

CFA | Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance/Treasury TRANSALTA CORPORATION
"MaP Forward is a personality development program that focuses on self-awareness and empowerment – not only of who you could be, but who you want to be. read more...

“Realizing who you really are. Trusting yourself. Making conscience positive choices. These are just a few of the key take aways I have from the MaP Forward program. read more...

Signed, Rob

“For the past 3 months i have been participating in a coaching program called MaP Forward. The program is geared towards millennials. read more...


“A quick message to say thank you. For someone like me it's very beneficial to have a resource like this: something that encourages read more...


Corporate Development
MaP Forward has been a rewarding experience, and it has been an honor to grow with the program as it has blossomed. Sheeba’s passion and energy is inspiring, read more...

David Turnbull

Financial Analyst, Exploration IAMGOLD Corporation
"I had no idea what I was signing up for really, I just knew that I was ready for ‘more’ in my life. My natural orientation is to play it safe, and not rock the boat. read more...

Brittney Rodgers

  • I am way more engaged in my job!
  • I feel more empowered.


"The idea of personal development seemed useful enough; most of us feel like we know ourselves but don’t always know how realistic we are in our own self-assessment read more...

T. A, Analyst

"Hadn’t communicated it to anyone I work with, and I doubt anybody would have guessed it, but I was planning on quitting my job. read more...


"When my company decided to offer MaP Forward (personal development for professional success) to some of us millennials, I was excited and almost relieved. read more...


"For me, the biggest value in the MaP Forward program is the fact that I have a platform, an outlet upon which I can just talk about the frustrations facing a millennial read more...


"MaP Forward and Sheeba have given me the opportunity to consider my own goals and objectives for my life. I want to focus on what’s important to me and what brings me meaning. read more...

Analyst, T.D.

"Sheeba, the lead coach for this program, is persistent and committed to the participants! We complete personality profiles that highlight our strengths, read more...


Accounting Policy and Special Projects
"Sheeba is one of the most perceptive, courageous people I have ever met in over thirty years of building organizations and recruiting and developing people."

Timothy Dorman.

Managing Director, Authentic Leadership Institute
"She is an inspiration as much as she is a guide to decisions affecting career, personal life, finances, relationships, ambition and how we each choose to spend our lives, develop our talents and seek fulfillment."

Stanley H. Hartt, O.C., Q.C.

Former Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc
"Sheeba is one of those rare ‘once in a lifetime persons.’ She is one tough woman who does not settle for half truths, lack of commitment to your beliefs, and she will stop at nothing to challenge you to put all ‘your cards’ on the table. Is she intimidating? Yes. Can it be uncomfortable? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely."

Martyn A. Piper

Chief Executive Alberta and North West Territories Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Worker
"When Sheeba and I started working together, I was not entirely sure of what changes I wanted. However, in the course of our working together, I have seen tremendous movement in my daily life"

Patricia Gordon, BA, MBA.

Vice President, MarketingCitiCards
"There have been a few times I was ready to give up and I questioned my own belief system and whether I’m truly able to make a difference. Your support and feedback has not only improved the quality of my life but my overall effectiveness as a leader and member of the Human Race."

Ruth Anne Videan.

National Manager, Sears Canada Inc.
"My Coach (Sheeba) is the reason I am doing what I am doing now"


CEO of Suncor/Petro Canada


I love when a woman knows she’s ready to play a bigger game in the totality of her life!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our course in order to establish if this is for you.

Our program is unique and designed to help you become the person you were meant to be. It is too hard to progress in life without a solid, clear, objective sense of who you are, and what makes you unique!

You deserve to have the success you envision for yourself!

Take the time to become more thoughtfully sophisticated: increase your self-awareness. You deserve to Thrive!

You are a Queen, destined for a life of opulence, abundance, hope, faith, and love.

I can’t wait to meet you!

If you want to chat and/or have other questions, fire me off an email: Sheeba@mapforward.org or schedule time for a chat with me

Self-awareness is thoughtful sophistication and it is always the answer! Thoughtful Sophistication sets you up to ‘win’

To be Thoughtfully Sophisticated, know:

  • Your strongest personality traits, the traits that deliver your best results
  • The values that motivate you and put a bounce in your step, and
  • The relationship between your personality traits, values and vision for success

Self-Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success

Everything flows from who you are

Understand the person you were designed to be

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How to be Thoughtfully Sophisticated and Self-Aware