Personal Performance

Leverage your success, based on who you are, because that is the only way to realize your potential and achieve high performance.

Performance Profiling

Our assessment tools provide insights into performance and personalities.

This knowledge assists companies in making consistently accurate and rational decisions about the strategies involving people that will provide the greatest return on their investment.

Our services, are available to leverage and optimize people, for high performance.

Client applications for our diagnostics include:

  • Determining management and leadership potential in individuals and strategically developing that within the organization.
  • Identifying the strengths and attributes needed in building the necessary synergy to serve customers better, and / or build business.
  • Ensuring managers understand the motivating needs, and strengths / weaknesses of their staff to optimize performance.
  • Understanding contributing factors, despite elaborate planning, for the lack of desired results.
  • Responding to the appropriate leadership styles required for given areas, or at particular stages of an organization's growth.

Our clients agree that positions also have personalities - that is - some specific combination of characteristics required for high performance.

Since performance is determined by personality and core competencies, it stands to reason that success in a job is most determined by the degree of compatibility between the candidate and what the job requires for high performance.

By using our on-line assessment tools, organizations target the abilities each job needs, for high performance. Clients receive a computer generated report about:

  • Performance requirements
  • Key job-related behaviours
  • Motivational drivers required to successfully perform job-related activities
  • Specific competencies to look for in job candidates

The job behavioural profile could then become a model to be used for a number of initiatives including:

  • Succession Planning
  • Development
  • Selection

This tool is predicative for all level positions, including the most senior executive.

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"How powerful you can be when you are focusing on your strengths. I now find that I am more aware of these key traits and can leverage them in my career and personal life. Big breakthrough.

Sheeba's interpretation of the information was what really hit the ball home for me. I have taken many of these assessments before but found the clarity and simplicity of this one, along with Sheeba's focus, profound and insightful."

VP, Citibank, NY

"As a user of such tools for the past 7 years, I would like to share my views on the application of these tools within the Human Resource function. It gives us the ability to gather more information from applicants to our organization. We can be more effective in our screening process and increase the probability of making better hiring decisions. By having the managers analyze the positions through this unique ability to job profile, managers critically review their positions prior to the interview process and make adjustments in their questions to ensure the critical competencies are covered. We use the information these tools give us, to develop specific behavioural questions to ask references about candidates that have made our short list."

Corporate Human Resources

"New dimensions have been added to our hiring process, as a result of the success we have realized through assessments. Valuable information about prospective candidates that is difficult to obtain during interviews, are clearer. It's the people that make the difference in a company and OMS helps us to ensure that we hire the right people."

"We have had excellent success using these surveys to clarify our job definitions and the characteristics of individuals to determine their suitability for the job. Our current approach includes a commitment to using these tools - it adds a whole new and invaluable ability for us to read people, and predict how they will perform and react in our various job circumstances."


"We use Assessments for recruitment, both internal and external as well as team building. It has also been very helpful in career planning and succession planning…"