Organizational Performance

With the aid of diagnostic tools and training/coaching services, we work with organizations and provide a process to improve performance.

Answering such questions as:

  • How can we determine leadership potential and leadership styles in individuals and strategically plan to develop it within our organization?
  • How can we more objectively and accurately assess outside candidates and existing employees to ensure they will "fit" in a specific position and our culture?
  • How does one manage specific types of people?
  • How can we ensure our managers understand the motivating needs as well as the strengths / weaknesses of their staff to maximize performance potential?


"Assessments provide us with the ability to gather more information from applicants to our organization. We can be more effective in our screening process and increase the probability of making better hiring decisions. We now use this ability to also profile the jobs, and therefore critically review the position prior to the interview process and make adjustments to the types of questions asked to ensure the critical competencies are acknowledged. The information is used to develop specific behavioural questions when do references about candidates."

Corporate Human Resources

"The ability to capture key aspects of both individuals and jobs, adds a whole new dimension to our hiring process. It provides valuable information about prospective candidates that is difficult to obtain during interviews. It's the people that make the difference in a company and assessments help us to ensure that we hire the right people."


"We have had excellent success using Assessment surveys to clarify our job definitions and the characteristics of individuals to determine their suitability for the job. Our current approach includes a commitment to using these tools. They add a whole new and invaluable ability for us to read people, and predict how they will perform and react in our various job circumstances."


"we have been using Assessment tools since 1991 and 80% of our staff have participated in these assessments. We use it for recruitment, both internal and external as well as team building. It has also been very helpful in career planning and succession planning…"