Psychometric Profile

Receive an exclusive state of the art psychometric personality profile!

It is scientifically validated, reliable and a form of artificial intelligence, AI technology.

This report:

  • measures your core personality traits (7)
  • Informs you of the strength of each of your traits and enables you to
  • Identify your values and opportunities for increased effectiveness
  • Ideal for determining dating compatibility
  • Useful in improving challenges in existing professional or personal relationships,
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Maximum 2 reports per participant, $495/per profile

**Please see the disclaimer on terms/conditions page.

You alone are responsible for what you do with and how you choose to apply this self-generated information. As with the course MaP Forward Inc., cannot be held liable for how you choose to direct your actions/choices.

While this unique privileged opportunity is useful, without understanding ‘how to’ process the graphs it is limited in the scope of value it can provide.

$ 495 USD

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  • Understand your personality better
  • Leverage the best of who you are
  • Learn a simple, empowering process that puts you in control of YOU.
  • Unleash your potential; develop a strategy to Claim your Throne