Want to realize your potential?

Self-Awareness = Better Results

You already intuitively know this.
What you may not intuitively know though, is ‘HOW TO’,do something to be more self-aware.

In the absence of ‘know-how’, we tend to rely on, and believe, what others tell us about ourselves: sometimes what they say is kind/loving/good, sometimes it is not. Either way, it skews our sense of self and may or may not be useful.

Fact is, eyeballs are biased.

Self-Awareness for Success

If you are curious about how this globally recognized, proven, self-awareness technology could advance you, or deepen your self-awareness, consider which of these questions you would like answers for:

  • Do you want to be/feel more successful in your life?
  • Do you want better results in your life?
  • Do you want to improve your relationships and communication skills?
  • Do you want to be a better version of yourself?
  • Do you want a vision for your life?
  • Do you want to know ‘how to’ confidently claim the life you want?
  • Do you want to find ways to maintain your motivation, and drive or to be more decisive?
  • Do you want to be more successful in your dating?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions than our 4-week intense online course, is for you!

While the course is a high-tech and high touch offering. The course and report CANNOT do these things for you, it will, however, help guide you as to ‘how’ you could be achieving these and other results whilst in a community of like-minded, committed supporters.

Self-Awareness for Success will advance you professionally and empower you personally; a value proposition with Purpose, low risk and high returns, a “not only – but also” investment of your time and energy.

Hi my name is Sheeba.

My story, just like yours, is a function of nature and nurture.

Like Tarzan, I was raised by ‘apes’, my 4 brothers and my Dad. That truth, in the absence of a mother, has shaped my life is profound ways.

There were lots of times when I felt helpless, frustrated that I didn’t know what to do, or how I could ever move forward and be successful. To make things even more challenging, nothing really interested me. I felt stuck.

That is what tends to happen when we don’t know ‘how’ to change our current realities or feel like anything could ever possibly change.

I did everything that society said was necessary in order to succeed and be satisfied; I got a degree, got married, secured all kinds of good jobs then usually ended up quitting them a year later: my family told me I was unstable. So, I continued with ongoing education, got a professional designation, started my own company and had kids. But this prescription never really left me feeling the way I wanted to feel. Blamed myself because it seemed like I was just going through the motions of life. My lack of self-awareness,prevented me from finding ways to move forward and feel inspired by my own life, so I played small. That’s what tends to happen in the absence of self-awareness, we play small, and hold back, risk little.

After earning my professional ACC designation as a Certified Professional Coach, I secured high profile corporate clients and was introduced to this personality profiling system. I was amazed that, though it is a proven and well known objective, reliable, scientifically valid form of artificial intelligence,it would have been so powerful for me! This strengths-based personality overview was a profound experience for me; my game changer in life. More than one client has echoed the same sentiment.

My expertise for the past 17 years due to extensive training/study has been in high performance.My strong personality is a combination of God-given hardwiring and my upbringing by ‘apes’/men: CEO’s and Senior Executives have been 95% of my clientele.

Having always been a woman in a man’s world,I am now focused professionally on working only with women using the same process: transference of knowledge, dialogue and promotion of self-discovery.

The almost exclusive presence of men in my life, personally and professionally, has inevitably shaped my awareness, focus and strategy in positive ways as well. Mine is a story that provides a unique and useful perspective for those that want to:

  • Realize their potential, and
  • Know how to navigate their potential in a man’s world.

Clients direct their self-awareness insights from the report to the formula. This powerful combination of formula and technology enables transformation. This is the same technology and process that empowered me to realize results I never imagined I could achieve and enabled my client to earn over 100 million dollars for he and his family!!!

Self-understanding enables you to:

  • know your strengths
  • move towards success
  • be a better leader
  • have increased motivation for your life
  • be a better version of yourself
  • beself-aware
  • acknowledge your blind spots
  • see new options/possibilities for your life
  • feel stronger about the choices you make, stop second guessing
  • be more decisive
  • feel more confident
  • take more calculated risks
  • increase your personal confidence
  • love who you are
  • know who you are not
  • be more patient, kinder, compassionate to yourself
  • better understand how others see you
  • understand others better
  • work and play better with others
  • be encouraged
  • find hope and perspective
  • move forward and develop a vision for your life

Self-awareness empowers you to be in control of your own life, willing and able to:

  • confidently advance your career,
  • realize deeper personal satisfaction,
  • improve the quality of your relationships,
  • stop being reactive,
  • play a bigger game in the whole of your life and ultimately,
  • Claim your Throne.
  • Reframe your opportunity and strategy using a strengths-based approach
  • This technology is proven strategic, insightful and used by corporations all over the world to profile the personalities of their employees.

Current Agenda for 4-week course for ‘Success’

  • Self Awareness
  • +

  • Focus
  • +

  • Strategy

Module 1

Power Play

This week is all about the power self-awareness affords you.

  • 1a: The journey begins
  • 1b: Unleash your Inner Queen
  • 1c: Science behind your profile
  • 1d. Introducing personal values
  • 1e. Live, interactive webinar

This module is focused on helping you understand the power and self-control self-awareness has on our lives, and how lack of it,can sabotage even our best efforts.

There is an intelligence to your design and the better you can understand the person you were born to be, the more success, control and joy you have.

Module 2

Without Compromise

This week focuses on your psychometric scientific personality profile

  • 2a: Strengths based strategy
  • 2b: Personality
  • 2c: Your profile
  • 2d: Be on purpose
  • 2e. Live, interactive webinar

This module focuses on your personal psychometric report. Your report is made up of graphs and psycho metrically established data. In the course, we focus on the graphs, show you how to understand the seven (7) traits science has established as determining high performance and how to understand your personality and the implications associated.

Module 3

Your map forward

This week is about application of personality vis a vis your specific goals and desired results

  • 3a: Values In Action
  • 3b: It’s a process & journey
  • 3c: Name it & Claim it
  • 3d: Eyes wide open
  • 3e. Live, interactive webinar

This module explores values. How success, and lack thereof, are directly related to the presence or absence of your most defining values. Values are everything, they are your ultimate path to your Throne as the Queen you are. Values usually are an extension of our personality traits, but not always.

Module 4

Claim Your Throne

This week is about action steps, and building risk tolerance

  • 4a: Transformation time
  • 4b: Build upon your talents
  • 4c: Goals
  • 4d: ‘More’
  • 4e. Live, interactive webinar

This module is about transformation, because this course is about Results.

Where will you commit to applying your new knowledge for personal transformation? The same formula, intel, and approach is applicable for any result you commit to realizing.


  • Free download of Sheeba’s first book, available in bookstores across North American.
  • Advance ordering of Sheeba’s second book, ‘Without Compromise, self-awareness, the #metoo career guide’, before it hits bookstores/airports, spring 2020.
  • Receive 1:1 coaching time with Sheeba
  • Join our Facebook community
  • Receive downloadable exercises
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

(This course is applicable as professional development hours, for those who have an annual requirement.)

Sheeba Forbes (Varghese) Bio:

For almost 2 decades, Sheeba an accomplished Executive Life Coach as Principal of Forward Focus Inc. has focused her expertise on high performance and results. She has worked with CEO's and Senior Executives globally and more recently founded a non-profit geared to equip women with the same proven process and self-awareness that she used with Canada's most powerful CEO. Sheeba is a catalyst who works with those committed to realizing more of their potential. Her UVP is predicated around the use of scientifically validated psychometric technology (personality profiles) to ensure her process is objective and results focused. Her flagship client of 8 years, Suncor Energy and their CEO Steve Williams has publicly acknowledged: "My coach [Sheeba] is the reason why I am doing what I’m doing now." CEO of the year 2015, 2017 Globe & Mail

Sheeba is focusing her same process and energy as a career expert for the #metoo era. Visit www.Sheeba.com to read more about her own story.

Her proven achievement formula is the focus of her first book, “Sheeba’s Secret”, available in bookstores across NA - Her second book, Without Compromise, self-awareness the #metoo era career guide, will be released later this year. Sheeba has a single-minded focus on self-awareness for high performance, as her internet–based TV show “More Focus” explores.

Sheeba has served as a member of the Prime Minister of Canada’s Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs and been a delegate on two government sponsored Trade Summits. She has been featured and profiled on the cover of Biz Magazine as well as in regional, national, and international media. Sheeba is a former Rotary Exchange Student, bilingual in Canada’s two official languages, and an international keynote speaker. She is a mother to her son and daughter: the two most important people in her life.

Specialties: Certified and Trained by the International Coaching Federation, nominated as one of the Top 40 Under 40, 2008, for her business success, results and vision.


How does the plan work?

You complete an online survey applying a proven, validated scientific approach to personal development that provides concrete measurable results. It’s called psychometric analysis, basically an x-ray into your being. You receive a visual, scientifically validated set of graphs depicting who you were designed to be, your map to success.

How does this help me?

The program helps anyone who intuitively knows that personal understanding is key to being their best. The whole process is about YOU and for you.

You deserve to have what you have the courage to really want, sooner rather than later.

Our program objectively identifies your strengths, blind spots and values. With this kind of education you are empowered and able to make confident choices to find the work, partners and life that enables you to feel more fulfilled, satisfied and have the greatest impact in this world.

What’s wrong with just winging it?

Depends on what your objectives are. If you value efficiency like I do, you know that with more ‘know how’ you do things better in the most expedient way for the best results. We can just figure it out as we go, but it is a riskier strategy that doesn’t promote confidence. Without confidence, how dare we put together a results-focused strategy?

How long would it take you to figure it out? What if you never do? What if your natural motivators never really get engaged because you aren’t honest with yourself about what you really want? What if the ‘winging it’ approach never allows you to feel inspired by your own life?

If you want to be your best and produce your best results, then your natural motivators and strengths must be engaged to the maximum.

Sometimes when we are not clear of our needs, we may engage the traits others like the most about us; however they may not be our natural motivators or strengths. Just because we are good at something, doesn’t mean we are passionate about it or that it gives us true satisfaction.

What does the program help to identify?

We help you identify the strength and position of the 7 personality traits that help us know, and understand who we are, who we are not, and what to be leveraging to realize our best results.

The traits are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Sociability
  • Pace
  • Detail Orientation
  • Behavioural Adaptability
  • Emotiveness
  • Originality of Thinking

Let’s take sociability as an example, a personality trait. Talkativeness is a behaviour. Sociable people like to talk. Sometimes someone may be quite talkative when they are discussing an area of expertise or interest but when it comes to just carrying on a lively conversation, they are not talkative; the difference matters because a naturally talkative person will contribute openly, offer feedback and be more participative.

This type of analysis measures your natural orientation objectively and when understood you are more likely to always lead with confidence.

What do I get as a member?

As a member of our community you will receive your own profile analysis as it relates to the 7 personality traits and how best to realize high performance.

  • Tools and tips about how to leverage this information strategically for high performance
  • Exclusive access to monthly interactive webinar with Sheeba and special guests
  • Free podcasts focusing on key areas to be leveraged from the personal evaluations
  • Exclusive access to online group coaching sessions
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group for idea sharing and networking
  • Live, ticketed events in selected cities featuring keynote speakers and interactive discussion panels
  • A copy of “Sheeba’s Secret – A Formula for Greater Success Through Greater – Self Awareness”
  • An autographed copy of Sheeba’s upcoming book, “Live On Your Own Terms”
  • The opportunity to be introduced to corporate sponsors seeking exceptional candidates for employment
  • The opportunity to make it to Sheeba’s List as a high potential shooting star
What’s does it cost?
  • The membership fee is $500.00 a year. My Executive Clients typically pay $33,500.00 for the same process. We are able to provide this to you at this price because the sponsors and I subsidize the cost of this offering.
  • You will also receive an additional MaP Forward profile for each additional year you renew your membership, that can be gifted to anyone you chose.
What is your refund policy?

Membership fees are not refundable because immediately upon joining you will receive your profile that is well over $1500.00, though you only pay $500.

Event registration fees are not refundable unless the event is cancelled or postponed by MaP Forward Inc. and you are unable to attend the rescheduled event

If following your purchase of an event registration you are unable to attend the event, MaP Forward Inc. will work with you to transfer your registration fee to another similar event of your choosing.

Pricing details

1. $495.00/piece, max 2 per individual,– receive a scientifically valid and reliable personality profile. (Most useful for dating compatibility assessing)

2. $995.00, 4-week online course: `20 hours of intense video course learning, with a weekly live webinar: (*audio *handouts *exercises *psychometric profile)

**. If you choose this option, you are invited to make it also available to a friend, or relative in a ‘buy one, get one free’ current offering.

3. Free 1:1 Coaching with Sheeba, schedule time chat for 15 min. about you.

Social Proof,


"Sheeba is one of the most perceptive, courageous people I have ever met in over thirty years of building organizations and recruiting and developing people."

Timothy Dorman.

Managing Director, Authentic Leadership Institute
"She is an inspiration as much as she is a guide to decisions affecting career, personal life, finances, relationships, ambition and how we each choose to spend our lives, develop our talents and seek fulfillment."

Stanley H. Hartt, O.C., Q.C.

Former Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc

"Sheeba is one of those rare ‘once in a lifetime persons.’ She is one tough woman who does not settle for half truths, lack of commitment to your beliefs, and she will stop at nothing to challenge you to put all ‘your cards’ on the table. Is she intimidating? Yes. Can it be uncomfortable? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely."

Martyn A. Piper

Chief Executive Alberta and North West Territories Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Worker

"When Sheeba and I started working together, I was not entirely sure of what changes I wanted. However, in the course of our working together, I have seen tremendous movement in my daily life"

Patricia Gordon, BA, MBA.

Vice President, MarketingCitiCards

"There have been a few times I was ready to give up and I questioned my own belief system and whether I’m truly able to make a difference. Your support and feedback has not only improved the quality of my life but my overall effectiveness as a leader and member of the Human Race."

Ruth Anne Videan.

National Manager, Sears Canada Inc.

"My Coach (Sheeba) is the reason I am doing what I am doing now"


CEO of Suncor/Petro Canada