Personality Is King! – Self-Awareness for Success

Did you know that even more than education, or looks, or body or IQ, personality, is your ticket to success in life and love?

You already know who you are matters, even if you don’t necessarily understand it all.

But, did you know that it is possible to understand who you are, in order to be even more successful and self-satisfied?

Did you know that just by increasing your self-awareness you have an ‘edge over others’? To quantify that assertion for you, according to Forbes magazine, only “15% of the world are self-aware”. Imagine therefore, what kind of competitive advantage you give yourself just by being the best you can be, and living your potential?

Would that be a compelling enough business case for you consider self-awareness, more?

As an accomplished Executive Life Coach for almost two decades, I am often asked, “why would I ‘need’ or ‘bother’ spending time on increasing my self-awareness since I’ve always been me and already know who I am?” Great question.

My response is always the same, “It’s not a question of ‘need’. If you are realizing your potential and feel your current approach is netting you the results and satisfaction you want and are capable of having, then congratulations!”

I may not be the best coach if someone is considering the whole journey based on ‘need’. My expertise is with those who ‘WANT’ to get to the next level in their own excellence. My prescription to realize any and every result is always the same: increase your self-awareness, and awareness in general. In my experience, the most efficient way to realize ‘more’ is by developing and leading with a strategy that compliments whom you were created to be.

When you understand your potential as the person you are, you quite naturally play a bigger game in the totality of your own life. Self-awareness builds confidence and enables you to stop second guessing yourself. Self-awareness empowers you, and you tolerate fewer missed opportunities.

I break down the elusive concept of ‘Self-Awareness’ into the three concrete concepts: Personality, Values, and Vision.

While these concepts are fairly straight forward and concrete, they are more than just words. Together, these words form a high-performance system that when understood, enables the self-aware individual, to confidently ‘play the long game’. Adopt strategic, approaches that set the individual up for the future, while honouring their well-being in the present.

The ‘long game’ I refer to is about an approach to life.

You can play the long game in business, spirituality, creativity, education, parenting, financial planning, sex, and dating. It is a strategy that applies to every aspect of life and work, an effective counter response to the pressure and stress of the world’s ‘short game’. Self-awareness gives you more, better, real options so you do not get caught up in the short game, and instead, confidently play the long game where your focus is on the desired outcome, the bigger picture.

Self-awareness is about using your personality, and values to advance your visions for success. This kind of well-informed system empowers you to develop and implement strategies that are on your terms, play to your strengths and helps you realize better, more sustainable fulfilling results.
My professional experience has helped me come to understand that we don’t always know ‘how to’ play the long game and instead make too many big decisions based on short term, obvious, right in front of us, variables. Decisions made from this perspective tend to limit what might be otherwise, very possible. Too many individuals are tolerating different realities than what they wanted and were hoping for. If your reality doesn’t align with the hopes you once had, that’s okay, it’s not too late, don’t give up!

We commerate the arrival of a new decade, and with it, new opportunities including a chance to do are set as we move forward stronger, more empowered, and self-aware!

Your time is now! 2020 is a great time to adopt a ‘long-game’ strategy, regardless of your age.

Start now, increase your self-awareness, and be more intentional. Boldly and courageously believe you deserve a life without so much compromising. Realize your potential.

Self-awareness is a private journey and very difficult to objectively advance, without a therapist. However, from my personal experience, that process was focused on healing from the past, and less about giving me an empowering map forward. Maybe it is a one-two process, however, I prefer more tangible, forward focused and results-oriented approaches. That is why I incorporated a more efficient results oriented process for my CEO, Senior Executive clients and began working with a scientifically valid, and reliable psychometric: personality profiling tool. The psychometric that my company has unique access to as a service provider, is generally only a business to business offering. However, I am now licensed to make it available to the consumer market as well. While it is unfortunate that finding objective and unbiased ‘know how’ to increase self-awareness is,otherwise, an abstract process, we are fortunate that tools like this exist. Choosing to go down this rabbit hole is an extremely valuable exercise with a great return on investment. There is no reason to not have a self-directed map forward.

Success is always a function of Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy.

The more you understand who you are, + the more you focus on your values + develop a strategy, the more Successful you will be.

We all get to choose how to focus, we can choose to be externally focused, and play the ‘short game’; just be clear. Know the short game is an exhausting hit/miss strategy that makes it almost impossible to live a meaningful life. The external factors,the short game focuses on encourages a scarcity mentality in realizing results related to financial and material success.

The ‘long game’ may indeed take longer, BUT,it ensures success: financially, and emotionally. Self-Awareness is the most exciting journey you can take in life. With it, you confidently live life on your terms, and without compromise. (Qualifier, as with anything worth having, effort is required.)

Embrace your brilliant design! You are so much more than you’ve ever been, and your time is now.

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What is it you are wanting ‘more’ of in your life?

In what ways do you want to keep growing?

Is it in your job, do you seek professional advancement, more engagement? Or do you want to be better in your relationships, dating? Or do you want to develop your courage, boldness, confidence, have more hope for your life and make the world a better place?

Did you know that your current actions may be more about the habits you’ve acquired in life, and/or functions of the recordings you heard growing up, and less about what you know will net you the best results?

Did you know that it isn’t your job situation or your relationships that determine your destiny, but rather it is your personality, values and vision that make you the Queen of you?

We all make choices based on our self-understanding and personality.

‘Tracey’, one of our participants tolerated the unfulfilling life she was living because she didn’t know what else was possible for her, she had no idea of her potential, sadly, she left her potential dormant inside of her. Once she decided she wanted to feel more in control of her own life, things changed for her.

As simplistic and hard to believe as it may seem, self-awareness and self-understanding have the ability to change the quality of your life by empowering you to seek transformation. She claimed the courage, creativity, and vision that exists inside each of us, it is not complicated rocket science, however, it is a process that is most effective with objective, unbiased, reliable self-awareness.

If you want a better status quo for better short- and long-term satisfaction and results, believe you are worthy, and that the reality you desire is possible.

Only you and your Creator know what you are capable of and been designed to have.

You are more powerful than you realize.You are not alone to realize your potential.

The Universe is friendly to your desires. Fortune favors the bold!

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