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Focus is on issues, moving forward, realizing potential But untrained coaches abound in unregulated field

– Featuring Forward Focus Performance Systems

Friday, April 8. 2005

One of the challenges is dealing with individuals or organizations seeking to become something they cannot be, “like a shy, withdrawn person wanting to be like Bill Clinton,” says Sheeba Varghese, an ICF certified coach (forwardfocus.ca). “It’s not likely to happen.” Then there are coaches who raise people’s expectations “to a level that’s not realistic or helpful, and then the clients walk away frustrated.”

That’s why she’s pleased with the effectiveness of a new assessment tool that “helps define `who you are.’ It’s called OMS, Organizational Management System.” Her company, Forward Focus, has licensed OMS for Eastern Canada and offers it to clients. “It’s a powerful tool for both the client and the coach, to help clients get clear about who they are.” The key to coaching is about being realistic, she says. “There’s no point trying to make you into somebody you’re not.”


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