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Sheeba’s Secret: A formula for more success through greater self-awareness

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Sheeba’s Secret: A formula for more success through greater self-awareness

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About Sheeba

For the past 15 years Sheeba as an Executive Life Coach and Principal of Forward Focus Inc. has been focused on CEO's and Senior Executives globally. Using proprietary psychometric technology to inform the process scientifically and objectively, her process is unique and results focused. Her organization provides extensive, high level insights into the most strategic part of any business, its people.

Sheeba's experience in Training & Development with Dale Carnegie™, and the Sandler Sales Institute, along with her own success in Sales, feeds her drive to always annihilate goals.

Ms. Forbes has been profiled by Regional and National Media. Her involvement as a Member of the Prime Minister of Canada's Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs, allows her to use her innovative skill base to champion change and progress. She is fearless in helping her clients confront the "tough issues" and is not shy in challenging beliefs, motives, and perceived barriers to goals that most people naturally hide from.

What Sheeba’s Executive Coaching clients say about her…


"Sheeba is one of the most perceptive, courageous people I have ever met in over thirty years of building organizations and recruiting and developing people."

Timothy Dorman.

Managing Director, Authentic Leadership Institute
"She is an inspiration as much as she is a guide to decisions affecting career, personal life, finances, relationships, ambition and how we each choose to spend our lives, develop our talents and seek fulfillment."

Stanley H. Hartt, O.C., Q.C.

Former Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc

"Sheeba is one of those rare ‘once in a lifetime persons.’ She is one tough woman who does not settle for half truths, lack of commitment to your beliefs, and she will stop at nothing to challenge you to put all ‘your cards’ on the table. Is she intimidating? Yes. Can it be uncomfortable? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely."

Martyn A. Piper

Chief Executive Alberta and North West Territories Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Worker

"When Sheeba and I started working together, I was not entirely sure of what changes I wanted. However, in the course of our working together, I have seen tremendous movement in my daily life"

Patricia Gordon, BA, MBA.

Vice President, MarketingCitiCards

"There have been a few times I was ready to give up and I questioned my own belief system and whether I’m truly able to make a difference. Your support and feedback has not only improved the quality of my life but my overall effectiveness as a leader and member of the Human Race."

Ruth Anne Videan.

National Manager, Sears Canada Inc.

"My Coach (Sheeba) is the reason I am doing what I am doing now"


CEO of Suncor/Petro Canada

Sheeba has spoken in the U.S. and Canada
some of her topics include

Inside Out

5 keys to profound self-awareness to spur career growth

You First

Strategies for realizing career success on your own terms, without compromise, in the #MeToo era

Personal Potential

How to identify and leverage your strengths, blindspots and values to achieve success.

"What participants of MaP Forward have said”


"It is my privilege to be part of the MaP Forward program through my organization. The focus is on coaching millennials like me. I would recommend this program for everyone out there!




"The MaP Forward method has a raw objectivity that cuts through the superficiality that many of us allow ourselves to live with. It is a roadmap for a more abundant life."


Andrew Bennett,


When I started working with Sheeba she said she was going to pull me and push me, and she stayed true to her word. The MaP Forward program has helped me identify the inner strengths I was dismissing,


Alexandra Sewell

Analyst, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

"Like a lot of millennials I found myself in a situation professionally that just didn’t align with who i was. There are lots of reasons why this happens but i didn’t know what to do.


Marcus L,


"After only a month of working closely with Sheeba in the MaP Forward program, I am well on my way down an important path to self-discovery.


David Hamilton,

CFA | Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance/Treasury TRANSALTA CORPORATION

Self-Awareness is a confidence building process that enables
consistently better, sustainable results

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